Wet Carpet Restoration Methods

People buy carpet to decorate their living space and office buildings. Though it is the small investment, proper maintenance is the best way to keep it looking great for a long time. A good looking and well-maintained rug not only enhances the beauty of the room, it also provides great comfort after a long hectic day. Still, wet carpet is one of the most difficult things to come back from in regards to your carpet.

The Wet Carpet Dilemma

The first thing to do is to assess the water damage. If it is minimal, cleanup may be done by the homeowner. Wear protective gear before inspecting a wet carpet or enlist the help of a professional for a more accurate assessment. One thing you could do except DIY is to call for a commercial cleaners Rochester NY.

If it’s safe to do the cleanup on your own, carefully remove items sitting on the wet carpet. If the carpet is not glued to the floor, take it to a spacious and open space like the garage or patio. Water removal should be done immediately. When possible, use natural sources like air and sunlight to dry the carpet. Do not shampoo or vacuum the carpet until it is completely dry.

Next, vacuum or sweep the carpet to remove dirt and debris. Shampoo the carpet and disinfect with bleach. Then rinse with clean water until suds disappear. Take note of the type of fabric and make sure that you are using materials that won’t further damage the carpet. A vinegar and water solution may also help in preventing mold growth.

Lay flat or hang to dry if the carpet is small. Make sure that before you bring the carpet back inside your home, no moisture is left. Moisture may remain at the base of the carpet even when the surface is already dry.

Wet cleaning method

While following this method you have to dry it completely without wasting time. If the moisture is not removed from the carpet mildew, mold and bacteria will grow on it. Turn on the ceiling fan and air conditioner inside your room to remove the excess water from the rug. Usually, rugs have a natural quality to absorb water. So, you can also use a wet vacuum cleaner until it is dried up completely. Even if you discover molds and bacteria after it is dried apply vinegar to prevent the further growth.

Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning is very commonly applied on wet rugs. Sometimes to remove the tea or coffee stain or to remove stain caused by juice this method is applied. It is an effective process to remove mildew and molds from the rug. Cleaning solutions are combined with hot water and then heated up to a temperature which helps to generate steam that helps to dissolve the stain. It is recommended to purchase a carpet steamer if you have children and pets inside your house. But only a professional cleaner will provide a deep cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Method

In this method, some dry powders and moisture are used to carry out the cleaning job. After that, a special cleaning machine is used which is provided with rotating brushes and is mainly applied for scrubbing the carpets. Within a few minutes, the powder sucks up all the dirt and then a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is used to absorb the entire solution.

But before applying the chemicals it is important to consider the material of the rug. To avoid any kind of damage to the carpet it is recommended to use the commonly used chemicals. Dry foam method is very commonly used for cleaning the domestic carpets. Foaming agents are spread over the rug and then the vacuum is used to extract it.

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