So if you have been following us for any length of time at all, I am sure you know–We LOOOOOOOVE glitter!  I have to say–sometimes I feel like I am in an emotional relationship with glitter.  I look at plain, empty, everyday items (ie: vases, jars, light switches, cups, shoes) and think to myself–”Self, how can I give these dull, boring things new life?”.  That’s right–GLITTER!

But–all that glitters is not always gold.  In fact, it can be silver, or white, or pink, or blue, or black, or green, or orange…you get the point.  Glitter is available in every color imaginable to coordinate with your wedding (or in my crazy-obsessed case–your household decor).

There is really no better way to add a touch of sparkle and glamor to your wedding than with glitter.  Whether it be with subtle touches (like the AH-MAZING Louboutin gold sparkly cross strap shoes above that make my heart skip a beat) or you are going full-glam with the glitter tablecloths, the shimmer and beauty of glitter is always sure to be noticed.

One of the glitter color schemes I can’t stop staring at is courtesy of the Wedding Decorator.  These beautiful glitter champagne bottles are covered in a beautiful mix of pink and gold glitter, and the result is a bright, beautiful glittery ombre effect perfect for your shower or reception.

You don’t always have to stick to just one color of glitter, either!  Take a peek at one of our newest (and one of my favorite) glitter invitation suites.