Join us for a BLACK TIE AFFAIR
Colors in the mix: Black, white, gold and silver

Our premium confetti mixes bring life to your party. All of our confetti is professionally blended to create a fun and unique mix.

Choose your party bag size (sizes are approximate):
Mini Party .2 oz
Small Party .5 oz
Medium Party 1 oz
Large Party 4 oz

Need bulk confetti for your party or packaging? Contact us for a custom quote. (Bulk would be 5 pounds or more.)

* All of our confetti is custom made in our studio. Because of the random nature of our mixing process, there may be a slight variation from the photos.

* Unless a custom mix is requested, our confetti is ready to ship and will mailed within 3 business days.

* Look closely at our confetti photos. Each blend may contain different papers, foils, glitters, sequins, and other fun random bits that make our confetti one of a kind!

* Confetti is fun. And confetti can be messy. We can not be held responsible for the cleanup! (We recommend a hand held vacuum and a lint roller!

* Our confetti mix is fun for children and adults! However, please be aware that there are small pieces that could be a choking hazard for small children.


Custom confetti mixes are available and pricing will depend on the blend as well as the quantity needed. A $15 mixing charge along with a minimum of 4oz (Large Party) size is required for all custom orders. Time frames vary based on our current schedule. Contact us for more information.

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